I feel that expressing is one of the most important kind of action verbs in one's life. If you can't show it via any way, it might not even be there. You may choose to differ in opinion from mine but thats what I personally think.

I just want to pen down emotions that run deep down my soul. You can read them and preferably comment on them ...

So ... here is it, my blog 'Say that' ...

Friday, June 17, 2011


I read this saying on facebook in a friend's favourite quotes section and I don't know who exactly said it but I totally agree with him/her , it goes like ...

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can learn to appreciate them when they are right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself and sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together"

Its a total killer, this quote. Killer in the sense that it has a profound touch to it yet its so mild in speech. I like the way the person is expressing the amazing certainty that he has in his mind and heart in a strong tone but with a subtle attitude. I just plainly like the saying too much but if given a chance I would just add some more reality to it by editing one line in it as follows,

"You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but your God"

Because I believe that trust in God leads to trust in yourself eventually.


Have you ever noticed how we humans tend to associate things with things in our minds. Like we go to some city and have a bad experience there. We would always associate the bad part with the city and wouldn't want to go there again and give it a second chance. Similarly we have experiences with people and we no matter how much we try to move on, those memories linger on in our minds and we would associate that bad thing with that person somewhere always in our sub conscious no matter how much he/she is good to us afterwards.

There are some relationships though that are so powerful that you not only forgive but also forget the bad things some involved party did to you and move on with a fresh start as if nothing happened in the first place. So yes, we humans have the capability of driving away from associations in our minds but we mostly don't make effective use of it due to the power our mind has over our heart. If we do put the aforementioned capability to work, I am sure we would have new and better experiences in our life in various matters, but yes its difficult to do that, it definitely is.

Then again, 'will power' can take you places, can't it ?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was sitting in the quiteness of my parent's home terrace and sipping in the serenity of the surrounding with a tinch of the typically soothing 'Karachi' night air, leaving far behind myself the rumblings of the ever alive city. It was a calm sensation that hugged me gently leaving me complete and incomplete in the same point of time. There was a scenic view in front of me where there was this white fluffy cloud whose edges were marked by the pure white light of the half moon partially visible due to the huge plam tree standing still in the neighbourhood since my child hood days and which was then obscuring my full view behind it. The voices in the background of the television set and my family made me feel secure somehow.

I have experienced this moment of calmness many a times living practically half of my life in this place and this familiar view from the terrace never failed in making me feel good. I realize that its these 'some times' of life that we might not remember the next hour or the next day but they are the ones which are so highly needed in the busy world we live in these days. We don't know when our sacred horse will fall down in the horse race we run every second of our existence but atleast we should have a heart to give the horse a break from the chaotic picture he is in mostly. I hope I am making sense to you all but my point is simple, life should be taken seriously as far as achieving its purpose is concerned but other than that the lightness of its essence should be enjoyed too. Life is too short seriously so why not live it in a happy way so that your creator also feels happy that he blessed you with this wonderful gift.

P.S. for those of you who don't know which place is Karachi, let me just say one thing that its the most happening city of the country 'Pakistan' :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I am quite an emotional being on the face of planet earth. I feel everything deep down inside and because these days I am at home full time, I feel everything a bit too much. Every second I am reminded of the importance of so many things and so many people in my life but the next moment I tend to forget it as well.

Its true when you get too much of something, you forget how much that thing means to you and you just waste your time contemplating how much more you could get but the moment that thing is gone, you crave for it. Its funny how we human beings take precious beings, things and moments for so granted. We never sit and think for a second how much that particular person mean to us or how much that important thing is needed for us or how much happiness that special moment bought to us. Rather the pessimism of life gets to our head and blinds our rational thought process.

My readers, Why not just close your eyes for a second and think of the most important person/thing/event in your life. Think of how much he/she/it has given to your life and to your existence. Think of the void that would have been created if he/she/it would not have been a part of your life's book. Just think and tell me do you feel thankful ? If yes then please take care in how you proceed with your life. Its necessary that you don't loose track of your priorities in the fast lane of life.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Small Moments, Big Happiness

Walking down some restaurant, you see a little boy who just dropped his toy and you see the anticipation in his eyes of how he might get that toy as he himself can't sitting on a high chair. You go and pick up the toy, give it to the kid and walk away. In your heart you feel a strange rhythm, the one that for some reason you thought you will not hear any time soon.

Do you get it ? I mean, are you getting what I am talking about?

I am just trying to explain the phenomena of happiness that small things in life can give you with the help of a random instance which didn't even happened with me but I felt that it would be able to do justice in shedding light on the topic of this blog post of mine.

Sometimes you feel so much despair and suddenly a small thing happens. When I say small , I mean small in comparison to what you define big in life, and that small thing gives you a reason to smile. That small thing makes you move forward with hope and forget your worries. That small thing you will remember for times to come and know what ... perhaps it wasn't that small after all :) ....