I feel that expressing is one of the most important kind of action verbs in one's life. If you can't show it via any way, it might not even be there. You may choose to differ in opinion from mine but thats what I personally think.

I just want to pen down emotions that run deep down my soul. You can read them and preferably comment on them ...

So ... here is it, my blog 'Say that' ...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looking harder ..

In life there are times when you just feel like letting your inself out and feeling the warmth of nothing inside. This is one of those many times when we are reminded of the power of an important part of our body which is the brain. We use our brain and look around for some thing or some one to act as a vent. At such instances, we only care about the vent's necessity and nothing else. Sometimes we vent through eyes, some times we vent through heart , some times its the friends, some times the family, some times the note pad and so on goes the list.

Once the mountain of emotions bursts up and the adrelanine rush smoothens a bit, you get to feel how good it is to sense nothing inside you or alteast carry with you lesser burden than before. But, have we ever thought about what the 'other party' feels. Whether its a part of our own self or some other self that acts as a vent for us, its still getting to be the holder of our burden. So are we being fair by venting out our worries on some one/thing else? Quite a point to ponder on but I think, we as humans are selfish creatures. We mostly care for something if it reaps positive results for us otherwise we just move on removing the chapter of that thing from the book of our lives. Sad, but in real ... facts are bitter mostly ... no?

Friday, August 5, 2011


Life is beautiful, indeed it is. These days the colors of summer all around make me feel happy and in turn remind me of the small beings we are in the big circle of existence. Every one I see is busy in some part of their life, occupied in achieving goals and purposes but in the end it comes down to going back. Yes, going back to where it all started from and from there begins the real test. So if I think a lot, this world and the life that we have is just a drop of rain in the heavy infinite downpour. Then why is there much fret, pain, hurt, anger and so on goes the list elements present in the one drop of rain we stand in. I think i definitely need to polish up my drop a bit, removing the darkness and illuminating it to see where its going. Because once I know where my drop is going to fall, I can prevent it from going haywire in the strong winds and wicked lightening. After all, the best rain drop not only gets to go back in the skies but also gets to stay there for an eternity with peace.