I feel that expressing is one of the most important kind of action verbs in one's life. If you can't show it via any way, it might not even be there. You may choose to differ in opinion from mine but thats what I personally think.

I just want to pen down emotions that run deep down my soul. You can read them and preferably comment on them ...

So ... here is it, my blog 'Say that' ...

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I heard something a moment back and the only thing that comes to my mind after hearing it is this that life is really an amazing mystery. You just think you have crossed one hurdle and unravelled one part of it, and again comes another part that you need to unravel. You keep going on in the hope that this is the last block that you need to pick up, hope keeps on shattering and you hope again and life goes on. The best thing out of the whole circular process is that the mystery stands where it was, unmoved, but our efforts still go on. Perhaps, that is the reason why we are here living this life because if life wouldn't have had its furtive moves, we wouldn't have had the entice to move ahead in it.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Last saturday I felt like writing down so much about what I saw but unfortunately I didn't have my blog access at the place where I was and then I got caught up in the entanglements of life and coudn't write for one more day, but the memory of what I saw kept on pushing me to pen it down and feel its beauty again.

So it was a bright morning with a welcoming sun and a few threatening clouds. A cool breeze was blowing which felt to be freshening up my senses. I felt happy just seeing such a bright day. Small deal it may seem, but we really do take some of the huge blessings of God for granted, because if we come to think of it , there are many who cannot open their eyes to the beauty around them. Life is a teacher I think, every moment you learn something yet like a bad student, we tend to forget it the next moment but sometimes the lesson sticks to our mind and can do wonder if we actually take advantage of it.

I walked a few steps further and saw little stalls of vegetables and other eatables stocked down the lane. People from all different walks of life, with all different good and bad things going on in their lives were standing there, buying their needs. I could hear the sweet chirpy laughter of cute kids all around and then as if this was not enough, I felt a drop of water caress my head. Yes, God added to the scene by adding some rythm of rain, in midst of which I could still see the golden Sun. From here, I could also see the artistic stairs to some old building and could hear the buzzing of new inventions like buses/cars in the background adding some reality to reverie I was in.

I wanted to stay in this scene for ever but time was ticking and I had to move forward with the flow of life.

All around me I felt a beautiful and very powerful energy, a memory which I will cherish for times to come. Some times a small thing also makes a big impact on your soul. Some times even words don't do justice to the feeling you had at a particular moment.

I hope that while reading my post , you also have been able to feel the pure magic or even some part of it , which I felt when I viewed the scene beyond me on that sweet saturday morning.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I recently discovered a new view on life that seemed to be having quite some insight to it. Some times the best medicine to the intricate problems of our daily routine is just opening the window and letting some crisp fresh air in. By that I don't mean literally opening the window at your home but yes, opening the windows of the soul and mind to the outside world, meeting other people, knowing their experiences, learning good things from them, counting your blessings and letting your woes go. Some times its the imperfections of the world around you that would make you realize that your life being imperfect is totally normal and you need to search for happiness in your own little imperfect world.

Just stop for a moment and think, if our lives woudn't have been imperfect, would we have had time or inclination to remember the perfect God? the answer is most probably a No, so when ever you feel that you can't take the hard bricks life throws at you anymore, just take a deep breath, and open the window ( I am sure this time you know which window I am talking about :) ) .

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Facebook is Good!

While just randomly clicking on profiles on facebook, I came across this probable teenager's (atleast she looked like a teenager in her profile picture, don't know for sure though) profile and saw these lines in her 'about me' section ,

Play The Moments
▌▌ Pause The Memories
■ Stop The Pain
◄◄ Rewind The Happines

These 4 lines portray a good summary of how we should play our life reel. They got me into thinking and I felt good in the end.It would feel nice to remember them each morning before starting my day off.

Happy or unHappy ?

A rainy morning with cheese, sausages, hot tea plus a few break downs too like spilling tea in the microvave and milk in the fridge, but that was probably the balancing hand of nature in play. I mean something good has to come with something bad. Life cannot be a bed of roses at all times, can it be? I think God has kept the scales of life balanced, to keep our souls satisfied and not under or over satisfied.

With the nice weather around me and the blessed meal in front of me , I still feel sad some where deep down within me. May be I am one of those ungrateful creatures of God or I might be actually missing out on some thing that I shoudn't. To not feel guilty, I just assured myself that I am not one of the former ones, which leaves me thinking as to what am I missing out on, what are the unavailed oppurtunities I am not exploiting, what is it which I am intentionally avoiding or unintentionally letting go?!?

Last word :

I think I shall be better off enjoying my happy meal now rather than going in the deep world of thoughts and thinkings ... so shall you .. just enjoy the present moment :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stuck on ........... ?!

Ok so there are things in life which are worth spending time on according to my definitions and then then there are things which aren't that important in some forms of word but then again the point is not that; the point is that why do things get stuck on your mind, important or unimportant, why do they don't go away?

Having often asked this question to myself and getting no answer, just makes me ponder on it, all over again. These days there are a few things which are surely bothering me more than what my mental and physical capacities can take. All of them seems to me like the devil's ploys against me but then again I keep getting the question whether it is just the devil or is it actually me?

It feels so incomplete without getting the answers to the questions that my mind asks my soul. May be I have to look more and more and more ...to find the sunshine land and to fulfill my satisfaction. By the way, I liked this word I just formulated ...the sunshine land ... its heavy!