I feel that expressing is one of the most important kind of action verbs in one's life. If you can't show it via any way, it might not even be there. You may choose to differ in opinion from mine but thats what I personally think.

I just want to pen down emotions that run deep down my soul. You can read them and preferably comment on them ...

So ... here is it, my blog 'Say that' ...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Random 'ness'

Before I get another reason for not starting a piece in my blog, I have quickly opened the editor to compose something, anything that gives me a window to vent out. I need it desperately but the problem is that I am not getting time these days :(

It has been so long since my last post here, and I felt bad and sad about it.

Life is not a smooth journey always, you need to go down, come up again, go down all over and come up yet all over again! I just read this saying on facebook which one of my friends posted and it made me ponder ..

"The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow, dont give up!"

It made me ponder over the real meaning of life. I totally believe that life for every one on this planet earth is a battle. A battle between who you are and what people want you to be, a battle between what you want and what you get, a battle between reality and illusion. Most importantly its a battle between  choosing right over wrong and believe me that's the ultimate struggle we go through at every second of our lives. At times we make wrong decisions but we have to live up with them because we made them but ofcourse we can always hope for things to get better. Though I do think that 'only' hoping for betterment does not give you positive results because when you are in it, you have to do it, play your cards, take the plunge and just do something or anything to makes things right. Only hope won't do you any good other than keeping you in fantasy land forever. You are the only one who can make things right and yes, hope and determination will be your friends over this course.

I have this feeling that life is just flying these days, I get up and then ..... I go to sleep. The things in the middle of these two ends seem all hazy. Sometimes I want to stop time, don't want to go into future, don't want to think about past but just be in that present. Then I tell myself, you have to go on, you have to start implementing so many dreams and close so many dark tunnels, you have to change what you can and leave what you can't, but for everything to be done, you have to go on ....
and so I do..!

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